1 year, 7 months, 27 days: Colder than a witches what?!

1 year, 7 months, 27 days: Colder than a witches what?!  Yep… true story!  So we’ve all heard the saying… seems like a fitting title for an October post and well… pretty spot on really…  

The deal is, I’ve been getting cold.  Very cold.  A kind of cold that is not normal for me.  Seriously cold, like upper body convulsing cold!!  I kept explaining it as a deep in my back cold.  Implants are cold to the touch, it’s one of those oddities, they never warm to body temperature.  Like never ever.  This is something I mostly ignore, unless I’m in a hot bath or hot shower, because then they feel freezing to the touch and not cool and honestly it can be a little jarring.  But back to this, why am I freezing thing?    I mean, once I get chilled it takes heating pads, heated blankets, a hot shower or hot bath to warm me back up.

I decided to hit the Googlizer… seriously Google diagnosed me before doctors did and well, I find all kinds of great information out there… some of it’s even true!  Per my searching, it would seem that I’m not the only person who has this chilling experience post reconstruction.

Now, if you think about it for a moment it makes sense.  I’ve no adipose tissue, no breast tissue, my pectoralis major is in a new place only covering part of my implant, just skin and some alloderm covering the lower part and this silicone orb rests between the pectoralis major and the chest wall… hence the feeling of cold deep into my back… 

The answer, it seems, according to my sisters on the Internet who struggle with the same issue of cold, is a wool bra.

A wool bra.

Wool.  Bra.

So for those who have followed my bra shopping nightsmares and associated fits, bra shopping is already a challenge.  Now we are gonna up this challenge more by adding wool as our primary bra material.  Oh what fresh hell…. 😕. *sigh*

Back to the internet.

It seems that smartwool is good and there are a few options.  And true to form, the bras are $50 each… (likely could get a few sheep for the price of a bra…) but the wool is “smartwool” so ya know… likely worth it 🙄.  Never mind I could get a years supply of men’s briefs for what I just paid for two different styles of women’s smartwool bras…

So now here we are in winter and I have a whole new thing to consider when packing my backpack in the trunk for an inclement weather emergency… I already have those hand/foot warmer things… guess I’ll pack some extras… just in case…

Oh… and the real clincher is that bras were supposed to be optional post reconstruction… I guess a more true statement is that bras are a seasonal option post reconstruction…. 
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