Year 2, Month 5 and 5 days: Storm clouds and rainbows

Year 2, Month 5 and 5 days: Storm clouds and rainbows

So, it is that time again.  Time for annual testing. My blood work always tells me I am healthy, my CT always points to the interesting lumps and bumps of life that I would never know about had I not required a CT in the first place and of course… the hands on exams.  Every girls least favorite.

This time we felt a lump.  I suppose it has been there since the last surgery.  So off to get an ultrasound I go.  Results state ” 1.4 x 2.7 x 0.4 cm Continue reading

Day 295: What a difference a day makes….

Day 295: What a difference a day makes….

Difference a Day MakesWell, part two of reconstruction took place.  Mom, sis, brother-in-law and I took off for the hospital around 4:15 am, traffic in the Puget Sound should not have been bad that time of day, but it was raining… I know, that should not matter here, but if you live here, you know it does.

We got there in plenty of time (10 minutes) and whose idea was it to have the hangry patient drive anyway?  Checked in, went through the Continue reading

Day 174: Finish line just ahead…

2015 August 4 Post Op ExpansionDay 174: Finish line just ahead…

I get the question of size a lot.  I don’t mind it really.  I mean, I have been very open about this process the whole way through and well, I was… shall we say… “voluptuous” at the start at a double D.  Surprisingly though, there is actually a limit to the size I can go, unlike augmentation, and that size is 800 cc.  I was told today that this means, I will never be the size I was.  I am not sure how I feel about that.  Partly because at this point it is hard to picture what 800 cc will look like.

So after the additional 60 cc today, I am at about Continue reading

Day 118: Interviewing a new plastics expert…

Day 118: Interviewing a new plastics expert…

I have mentioned before that when it comes to my medical team, energy matters.  This is a big deal, I mean, here you are robbed of the top half of your body and large portion of your femininity and when it comes to putting you back together, you really want that to be done correctly.  I was lucky that a friend of mine has been through this process and she referred me to her surgeon who is located in Seattle, a few hours away on a good traffic day.  As much as I am not looking forward to traffic and the drive, I am looking forward to meeting this doctor.  My friend told me that this doctor has gone through this process.  This is huge.  Obviously this surgeon Continue reading