Day 149: What is that strange sensation?

Neck-Spasm-4Day 149: What is that strange sensation?

So my plastic surgeon is 2 hours away from home.  So I have not been taking the prescription meds prior to or immediately after my appointments, for obvious reasons, being that I am driving myself and all.  In fact, I have learned that when I take a Flexeril and an Oxycodone my vision is blurry for about an hour and a half… if I am awake that long.  Being that I have months of this, and work and all, I really need to figure out how to make this work.

I am finding muscles that I did not know I had… since the Continue reading

Day 62: Fighting for your joy…

Day 62: Fighting for your joy…

I have mentioned that cancer feels like a second job, all the research, appointments, decisions… I suppose you could say that fighting for your joy is a third job.  Cancer will do what it can to try and steal it away with the chaos and fear it causes.  It could just be adjusting to the new normal as this new theme dominates parts of your day, many of your thoughts and inserts itself into almost every conversation.  Of course that is the part that goes mostly unseen and unnoticed by the outside world.  Daily you Continue reading

Day 45: Let the healing begin…

Day 45: Let the healing begin…

Well, I ain’ gonna lie, it is weird not having boobs and even weirder having four drainage tubes with little grenade looking bulbs filling with fluid attached to your body.  Yep.  It’s just plain weird.

We just went through the process of emptying those little things, wish I could say it didn’t smart… but it did.  There is one particularly sensitive one and the fact that you are supposed to pull along the drainage tube to make sure it is empty of “old” fluids and clear of clots ads to the fun.  Doctor wants us to do this every 8 hours – we are currently recruiting volunteers for the 3am shift…

In other awesome news, I received some wonderful loves from Shannon, Fran & Bob and my team at the office.  A special thanks to Deanna for the delivery – and my apologies for sleeping through the visit.  I think I now understand what a dogs life is like.  Eat, sleep, go potty… repeat.  Once the pain meds kick in, I get a nice nap, but it seems I come out of that sleep as quickly as I fall into it.  Hopefully tonight will be more restful.  It is hard to get rest in the hospital.

Speaking of the hospital, I seriously experienced the best staff at Capital Medical Center.  From nuclear medicine, to the surgery nurse, the surgical team, anesthesiologists, recovery, night shift, everyone… absolutely amazing.  What they say about hospital food is pretty true though… 😛

But hey… look what mom made for dinner?  Pretty fabulous right?

Post op is April 1st… yes yes… April Fool’s Day.  Feels so appropriate yes?  Hope the lab results are back by then.

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Day 43 part 2: Friends, love and care packages.

Day 43 part 2: Friends, love and care packages.

Ok, in the midst of a meeting this afternoon I received the call from scheduling.  Check in is at 10:25 am.  Tonight my friends gave the ladies a right proper send off!

I don’t have the words to express the gratitude and love I have for these amazing people.  I am truly blessed.

It’s funny the things that emotionally get you.  The handwritten card that simply says “You are beautiful” when truly one of my biggest fears is finding my beauty again – yes I know, I am far more than my breasts, but the girls have been front and center most my life.  Hard to separate them from what makes you feel feminine and attractive.  The super soft PJs for hospital day.  The super comfy and super cool Tukwila FD “fighting for the cure” t-shirt.  The healing hands necklace and earrings.  Lip balm, tissue, super hero bracelet and super hero ring.  Facial cleansing towelettes. And so much more really.  All incredibly thoughtful tokens of love and friendship – thoughtfulness.  Perhaps most thoughtful of all was making the night “normal” amidst the chaos.

I had struggled with a ceremony for saying goodbye to the girls… And in a way that only a loving friend could, Mary wrote a prayer and shared it with us all tonight.  Yes in a bar.  Yes, at the “Last night at Bob’s with Boobs” gathering.

Tammey’s Prayer

Friends, family, acquaintances and strangers:

We have gathered here this evening to celebrate the life of Tammey and her girls, haute right boob and her evil twin, killer left boob.

The girls have given Tammey a good time, but now they’re giving her a bad time. We understand they must go in sacrifice so that we may enjoy Tammey for many more years to come.

So, Heavenly Father, we ask for your blessings for Tammy and her team of caregivers.
May you grant the surgeons plenty of rest tonight, a good cup of coffee in the morning and steady hands during surgery.

May her caregivers, family and friends have patience, understanding, a sense of humor and the ability to apply lots of TLC.

Please continue to provide Tammey with patience, tenacity and her sense of humor to help her heal through this process you have challenged her with.

And finally, we thank Tammey for her infectious positive attitude and her willingness to share this adventure with all of us.

We love you, Tammey and pray for the best!

And now, let’s toast!

Tomorrow the storm clouds part and I find the moment of calm as I drift away under the anesthetic. I will be visualizing good margins and a clean lymph node.  If you get a chance, would you please take a moment and do the same.  🙂

Wishing you all abundant blessings.

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