Day 295: What a difference a day makes….

Day 295: What a difference a day makes….

Difference a Day MakesWell, part two of reconstruction took place.  Mom, sis, brother-in-law and I took off for the hospital around 4:15 am, traffic in the Puget Sound should not have been bad that time of day, but it was raining… I know, that should not matter here, but if you live here, you know it does.

We got there in plenty of time (10 minutes) and whose idea was it to have the hangry patient drive anyway?  Checked in, went through the Continue reading

Day 125: Lovely lady lumps… insert here…

Day 125: Lovely lady lumps… insert here…

69_SurgicalLights_8This surgery day did not have a lot of fanfare.  It was very different from the mastectomy.  I was alone most the day.  Family couldn’t make it and my husband was showing the house we are trying to sell.  Things moved pretty quickly at Swedish, but the larger hospital in the larger city has none of the small town charm that my previous hospital did – at the smaller hospital I was able to take my iPhone in and listen to meditations when I had my mastectomies done, here I was Continue reading