Day 79-80: Decision Time…

Day 79-80: Decision Time…

This is a long one… 2 days 5 doctors, 2 nurses and a resident.  Yep it’s been busy.  However, before I write it all up, there are a few disclosures I want to toss out there:

  1. My cancer and diagnosis is not like the cancer and diagnosis of anyone else… and as such, no one has the same cancer situation as I do.  I think it is really important for people to do their own due diligence, my decision is mine solely and not intended to influence anyone else.
  2. If you are a doctor and reading this, please remember you treat a human with a life they likely rather enjoyed prior to the diagnosis – you are not treating a disease but a person.
  3. I have said since the beginning that quality trumps quantity for me personally.

That being said… here we go – Continue reading

Day 49: Getting my hairs set….

Day 49: Getting my hairs set….

I remember great gran going to get her hair “set” – gonna try that today.  I simply have not figured out a way to stay safely dry while washing my hair here at home.  Not to mention the whole hands above the head thing.  Hmm…. Pretty much everyone has offered to help, but honestly, the salon chair seems the safest bet.  Shoot… might even put on some make-up…  the photo is of course my anticipated after… LOL

Strange dream last night – for those of you who are into dream interpretation.  I dreamt Continue reading


Day 48: Itching for normal

Day 48: Itching for normal….

Oh today… this day… this day it feels like a thousand little ants are crawling around my chest under the bandages… the itching has truly begun.  Of course this is a good good thing. I keep telling myself.  The drainage amounts are much lower, which is great, and although I have spared you all actual images of what the drainage tubes look like, in this picture you can see my puffy abdomen, which is actually the JP Drainage bulbs tucked into my Softee Roo tank.  I actually went out in public like this today… to the grocery store!  **GASP**

The grocery store was mentally far more difficult than it was physically.  With the drains in place, I was Continue reading