Day 26: Embracing the day and setting expectations

Day 26: Embracing the day and setting expectations

So when talking with the surgeon he was saying to plan to be out of the office for a week but after that I should be back in the swing of things with most my activities. Now, I find this hard to believe with the amount of tissue basically being “amputated” from my body – so I did a little research. Most post mastectomy write-ups say to prepare for 6-8 weeks of healing before anything near normal activity.

Now my mom (Sandy) is the opposite extreme, she is planning for a hospital bed to be delivered and 12 weeks of recovery. (Yes she is reading this and she knows I am talking about her.)

So somewhere between superhuman amazon queen and helpless as a church mouse is where I expect to find myself. One thing for certain, I will be going crazy after about 7 days… just sayin’.

Now this whole drainage tube thing and measuring of fluid is the part I am most stuck on right now. I am not getting past the “EW” factor on that… nope. Just not. I will have to get past it, I realize this, but it just might not happen until I am forced to face it. I imagine that after 3 surgeries a year and a half from now I will be a pro at it!

The weather is simply beautiful right now. It was nice to sit in the quiet, listen to the wind work its way through the tree tops and the squirrels and sapsuckers converse. It was probably the most active I have been in well… 26 days. It was also great to get in a little rifle training. I love target shooting, it requires focus, discipline, self control on everything from your position to your breathing. My cluster was within 6.25” at 300 yards with a bulls-eye… yeah… that is something to write home about.

All this reminds me how important staying active and being in nature is to mental outlook and energy level. 

Today is a work from home day and a day to do something with some sweet potatoes as part of my lunch plan for the week next week. I discovered some curried cashews that are great, other than per all my reading raw would be better than roasted, and sprouted better yet. I need to figure out how to season some sprouted cashews – I have a feeling spice is going to matter a lot in my new food adventures! May need to go shopping with Namita or Vish and get a lesson on spices!!

pH 7.5 today. That is actually impressively better for just a day. 

Make it a beautiful one guys!

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