Day 40: Bye bye bra… step aside lovely lady lumps…

By By BraDay 40: Bye bye bra… step aside lovely lady lumps…

Last night as I got back to our room, I did something most women can’t wait to do… I took off my bra and tossed it aside.  Guys, I am not sure what might be analogous for you… maybe the jock strap or sports cup?  Either of those look uncomfortable enough to qualify as something similar to the bra… Anyway, this time taking the bra off was different.  As I looked at it lying on the bed, I realized that I would only be doing that for four more days. F O U R… M O R E… D A Y S…  So of course I snapped a picture…

Looking at the image of the empty cups resting and contorted on the bed, a variety of thoughts popped into my mind…

“My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas immediately began to play as the soundtrack in my mind.  I also thought…

What a blessing in a way, these things are always in the way and bras are a pain in the behind.  I will embrace the spirit of the Amazonian Queen Penthesileia and appreciate how this new physique will enhance my golf game and perhaps improve my swing in the batting cage!  Like Penthesileia I am pretty focused on a battle right now.

What a blessing in a way, so far it looks like the cancer is only located in the breast tissue.  This should mean “instant remission” once it removed and pathology “clears me,” my lymph nodes and the margins of the tumors.  After all, “remission” for breast cancer means that tests and imaging do not show evidence of the cancer, and that a doctor cannot see signs of the cancer during a clinical exam… something to possibly celebrate… (fingers crossed).

What a blessing, no more painful puffy chest parts arriving monthly. Whoo hoo!  Seriously… this is a very good thing.

Wonder how much weight I am going to lose with that tissue removed.. these things are not light…

What a change.  As I look in the mirror – trying to imagine the change to my shape as the essence of femininity is taken from my body – albeit temporary.

What will the replacements look and feel like.  How long will it take me to make peace with these foreign objects inhabiting my body.

Should I start looking for a tattoo artist now?  Who can I get to sketch the tattoo I want for my revised body parts?

What a waste of money… that bra you see in that photo isn’t cheap… the ladies know what I am talking about.  🙂

What a loss.  A part of me is being amputated from my being.  How do you go about honoring and acknowledging that?

It seems that there should be some sort of ceremony for such a thing… if only I had thought about that a few days ago during the equinox and new moon.  I could have taken the bra to the fire pit and made quite a ceremony of it.  However, since I have a few more days to figure out how to say goodbye, I figured I would ask you.  I am open to ideas folks… how would you say goodbye and hello?  Embrace the change, acknowledge the loss and celebrate the future?  I think it is important to do all three and I think it is important to have fun with it and make it a positive thing.  After all, my body is listening.  🙂

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