Day 72: Knitted knocker test drive…

Day 72: Knitted knocker test drive…

I decided to give the knitted knockers a whirl today.  I have to thank my mother in law Joyce for making these for me.  It is strange on so many levels.  Where to start…

Size for the day: C two sizes smaller than the original set I had grown all myself…

I have strange sensations below the skin and no sensation on/in the skin.  So, it feels like muscle and nerve pain – a sort of burning sensation below, but seriously, no sensation otherwise.  So when I have these on, I think the pressure makes the muscle tissue below aware, because I do get a discomfort – but it is very hard to explain and harder to identify, place or explain.

Now, something else I have to say is that I get cold now.  Seriously, think about this… I had about 2.5 pounds on each side prior to surgery… that is now missing…. my skin is directly covering muscle – no fat, no breast tissue, nothin’… my body is still trying to figure that out.  The knitted knockers warmed me back up.  😀

Here is something that surprised me… they are in the way.  I knew that the original set I had were in the way, in fact I joked prior to surgery that I might enjoy this change, much like the Amazonian women in far past… although I was thinking less about archery and more about golf scores and batting averages… Maybe the fact that these are above the skin and not below makes it more obvious but I was horribly aware of them all day!  Especially while driving… felt like I was constantly bumping them… and because they are not a part of me but ancillary, whenever I bumped them I had to rearrange myself… put myself back in place like a baseball pitcher on the mound…

I hate shopping, I have a feeling that replacement size and selection is going to be like shopping…. :/

By the way – if you want to knit some knockers to help out a breast cancer patient check this out:


2 thoughts on “Day 72: Knitted knocker test drive…

  1. Daniel Frishman says:

    Great that you are doing the research. Good luck
    You might want to take a look at Proton therapy which is available in Seattle. I just completed a 9 week course for prostate cancer, but it is used to treat other cancers as well. I am glad that you have a good support network. It is so important. Again, good luck.


  2. plainandsimplepress says:

    LOL! Love the Knitted Knockers — yesterday I wore mine all day for just the second time. They do make you look…uhm…surprisingly good. Actually, I think they look better than The Deceased, which were engaged in a competition to see which one could reach my bellybutton first.

    In the “in the way” department: it could help to remove a little of the stuffing. Mine came enormously overstuffed and fit much better after I took out about a third of the fiberfill.

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