Day 119: Can we move my appointment to next week?

Day 119: Can we move my appointment to next week?

Happy DancePhone rang at 8:30 am, missed the call, picked up the voicemail… and started to do that happy dance.  The great news, they had a cancellation, the bad news I need to be in on Monday for pre-op appointment and surgery would be Wednesday.  Well…. we do love a challenge!  Now look, I am not going to say that health decisions should be made based on deductible years, but I am also not going to pretend that is not part of the equation.  Cancer is expensive.  Period.  Regardless of what level of treatment you are getting… I bleed money… it is insane.  Getting this process started two months ahead of the originally scheduled date means I may be able to squeeze the second surgery, where they exchange the expanders for the implants, into this deductible year.  And, this means I am yet one more step toward feeling like the whole me.

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