Day 235: Facing the Inevitable’ish

tinkerbell-secret-wingsDay 236: Facing the Inevitable’ish

I lost my brother-in-law to lung cancer Sunday.  I cried for him, for family and selfishly for me.  At least it felt selfish.  My brother in law put up a good fight, a great fight, a valiant fight against his cancer.  I followed his journey, he was a great pen-pal and I appreciated his insight, feedback, advice and experience as I started this path of unknowns of my own.  He let me know, quite frankly, what was coming and helped me prepare for the next challenge in this process.  He didn’t sugar coat things.  I can’t tell you how important that is when everyone around you wants to tell you that things are OK, and you will be fine, and not to worry.  You don’t stop them, because you know they are using words to soothe themselves as much as you.  Truth is, once you get this diagnosis all you do is worry.  You are thankful for the brief reprieve you get on occasion when you have a task that requires so much focus that you find freedom from the thoughts about the diagnosis.

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Day 3: OHMYHECK! Love you guys! They placed three metal markers in/near the masses. The ultrasound biopsy was far less painful – but Lefty is a grumpy butt anyway – so it hurt. Hurts now. They had a hard time getting the bleeding to stop – nothin like adding pressure to something you have poked, prodded and taken a few bites out of… And the cherry on top was the mammogram at the end. Oy! By the end I did have the Dr. sold on the laser beam concept – he even said that the metal markers could assist with accuracy! I’m telling you… It could be a behavior modification tool for those who have more conversation with breasts than eyeballs! I did like the Austin Powers small firearms idea that Nick tossed out – but weapons instructor Griff was quick to point out potential recoil issues. Truth. Important things to consider!

It’s gonna smart tonight – should have a call next Tuesday with info. Can’t do much of anything for 3 days. Which is perhaps the worst of all. y’all

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Day 3 – Biopsy day.

Day 3 – Biopsy day.

I finally read the brochure. Apparently I will have a marker placed during the stereo biopsy… Like a treasure map!? Will I have to worry about pirates now? Of course it is a “stereo” ultrasound, so maybe they are installing a headset jack!? Or maybe Bluetooth?

Gotta admit I’m a little less enthused about the morning after reading the brochure and glad they will give me a little something to take the edge off. Double bonus – I won’t be able to do much of anything all weekend but whine and work – so I should be getting caught up on some work stuff.

Today is the first step toward answers. Looking forward to some pathology data.

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