Day 28: DENIED… No PET Scan… Macy is off the hook….

Day 28: DENIED… No PET Scan… Macy is off the hook….

So, insurance denied the PET Scan, which the doctors office told me is not that uncommon due to expense. So tomorrow morning I go in for a bone scan and CT of my abdomen, chest and pelvis. (Try not to let that green eye of envy show….) The Oncologist really wants to make sure we know what and where and that we do our due diligence. But patience is running out… feels like a ticking time bomb is living in ‪#‎killerleftboob‬… and I don’t like it… not one bit.

So I guess tomorrow I get injected with some radioactive isotopes, which have to hang out in my body for 3 hours, but while we are waiting for them to do their thing… which would be bind to my bones, I will be getting the CTs. I really am ready to get moving after these tests though. We are done right? I mean… they are finally out of tests right??  We will see if I am glowing tomorrow night from all the radiation.

In other news, we have decided to sell the house in Snohomish, we are going to try this “For Sale by Owner” thing, if anyone out there has any experience or advice, feel free to weigh in…

Thing is… Cancer is not cheap, let it never be said that I have cheap taste in anything….  So looking at paying a realtor points (which are well earned and well deserved… don’t get me wrong) vs. paying for Chemotherapy… well… I am leaning towards paying for the Chemo… I know I know… I really know how to party!

This also means that Rick will be looking for a place to rent up North, since his work down here is finishing up and he will be working in the Seattle area for awhile. So…. if you know of any fabulous rental opportunities in the Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Bothell area be sure to let us know.

No pH update today.. I forgot. 20mg of Melatonin is a serious amount of Melatonin! Hope my body adjusts to this…. holy heck!

Oh and good news! I still like the haircut today. Lisa was a real trooper… she had no idea we would basically be spending 5 hours in the salon… (Did I forget to mention that?) I do keep reaching for my hair to pull it out of my jacket, etc. Good thing is that if I really miss it, I can pull it out of the baggy I have stored in…

And hey – I love you guys. You are all amazing. Your love, positive energy, prayers, humor and support keep my spirits high. Seriously. I appreciate you.

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