Day 29: Openness and the unknown.

Day 29: Openness and the unknown.

I have gotten a lot of amazing messages, mail and email for sharing my journey so bluntly. I have also had a lot of people ask why I am so open about this cancer journey of mine.

There are very few things you can control in this process. Writing is something I can. Not to mention, through this process of sharing I have heard from so many cancer warriors. The advice and camaraderie are critical – at a time when daily I face the unknown, it is so important to me to hear from those who have been there and those who are there with me going through this right now.

Writing has also unintentionally created prayer and positive energy warriors that I am ever so thankful for – when my positive energy cup starts to feel a little low, someone seems to always be there to help refill it.

Cancer is annoying and sneaky. I still don’t look or feel sick. Thing is, once I start treatment I certainly will. I suppose part of being open about it is trying to mentally get ahead of the physical changes we know are coming. Well, prepping myself more than anyone else. LOL. But even if I don’t lose my hair and am blessed with just needing radiation and get to skip Chemo… I am still losing my breasts… And although temporary they won’t be back for 8-12 months. I will certainly look different. 😬

The unknown is a challenge – especially for a someone who considers themselves a control freak… I’ve been lucky and not been sick much in my life. So heck, all this is unknown to me.

What can you do though? For me it seems I can either face it with fear or embrace it as an adventure. I’m choosing adventure.

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