Day 33: Late post – packing boxes

Day 33: Late post – packing boxes

Prepping for this medical journey keeps one busy and distracted.  I feel fortunate that I have good medical insurance, although truthfully even with the decent deductible and good plan, the anticipated expense is mind numbing.  Thus, I also feel fortunate that we have a second house we can sell and better prepare ourselves for the coming expenses this next year – year and a half.  But prepping a house to sell was not something we were planning to do a few weeks ago, so we are feeling rushed and unorganized in the process.  Especially since we are planning to sell the home ourselves.

Rush and  speed is the name of the game.  Cancer makes its own schedule and I feel like I am in this constant “upcoming surgery” mode without a date.  I guess you could say I am still trying to adjust to the unknown.

The control freak in me actually finds some calm in moving, well… in any part where I can work a plan – have a plan – heck make a plan!  Where I can deal with something tangible

I am so thankful for family.  This weekend was a lot of work and we are in no way done moving but we did get a LOT done.  Mom, little brother and my nephew were a great help, in fact, we could not have done it without them.  Especially with both of us working.

Speaking of working, I swear cancer feels like a second job… speaking of which, I see the oncologist tomorrow.  Looking forward to the results from the bone scan.  The CT looked clear – official word tomorrow.

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