Day 36: And so it begins… surgery is scheduled

Yes… it did get real… real faaaaast.

Day 36: And so it begins… surgery is scheduled

A little bit of confusion yesterday as the Surgeon and Oncologist got on the same page… but we are a go.  Surgery is scheduled for next Thursday March 26th and pre-op is scheduled for Wednesday March 25th.

Things got real very fast.

Had someone ask me yesterday if I was scared.  I thought about it for a minute.  I am not scared, or have not been scared yet… this is a long journey.  If anything I am downright pissed off.  I have not had the “why me” thoughts, but I sure have had the “how me?” thoughts.  And of course anxiety is a constant friend, as is overwhelm… man oh man…. is there ever overwhelm.  So much to do and so little time to do it all.  BUT… that is my normal mode… 🙂

The only thing that keeps my head straight in the dark times is the total belief and understanding that for whatever reason, this is my path… my journey.  I guess you could also call that faith.  🙂

8 days to surgery.  8 days until we start treatment.

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One thought on “Day 36: And so it begins… surgery is scheduled

  1. Pat Kevin says:

    You are a wonderful brave positive woman …a real leader for all of us to follow. Your journey is certainly not one of choice. But the way you are handling it shows the rest of us how to live our journey …one day at a time and like you with our head up and facing each day honestly and directly.

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