Day 67-68: Dark clouds roll in…

Day 67-68: Dark clouds roll in…

It’s been a particularly rough weekend, as I think about it, weekends in general do seem the hardest.  I don’t think it is necessarily any one thing, in fact, I would say that during the week I can easily find a singular thing to focus on and tackle.  However, during the weekend, it all comes together and I just bet you that we could name those dark clouds overwhelm.

Cancer – no matter what treatment path you choose – requires significant change in every aspect of your life.  From your finances, to your diet… right down to your deodorant.  You start analyzing, planning and changing just about everything.  Some by choice and some you’ve no choice about…

The dark clouds remind me of the dementors in Harry Potter, it can leave you stuck in bed thinking you may never be happy again – but reality is – it will pass.

You just have to choose to fight through your fear, frustration, depression and whatever else is bogging you down an conjure up your Petronas.  I am not sure yet if mine is a dragon or a phoenix…


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