Day 66: Awareness and awkwardness…

Day 66: Awareness and awkwardness…

Last week, I received a call from a local reporter asking if I would be open to an interview about #killerleftboob.  The blog had been forwarded to her and she wanted to see about a write-up.

Strangely I did need to pause and think about it.  Seems odd right?  Since I post everything publicly. But then, although public there are only a few ways you find yourself here… you either find your way here because you know me, are friends of a friend on Facebook, were sent a link or have the unfortunate need to research breast cancer and your search engine of choice sent you my way.

The hesitation was momentary, mainly because I keep getting private messages with questions, with thank you notes because I’m sharing my path and that brings some a sense of community and with wisdom from warriors who have walked the path before.

Natalie asked great questions.  Although nervous about the write up and truly public outing, I’m hopeful that it is helpful to some.  Either way talking about it has been helpful for me.

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