Day 132: Post-op 1… and a little good news…

the surgical braDay 132: Post-op 1… and a little good news…

Well, I am still rocking this sexy little number and I am a bit on the sore side.  Doc knew what she was doing with her prescriptions.  I am thankful!

Post operatively things actually look really good, surprisingly so.  She followed the incision line of my general surgeon so well that you can’t tell.  Amazing really.

Good news is that I am healing so fast that we should be able to get our first expansion in next week and with good timing, we should be able to get the next surgery out of the way this deductible year.  I know… I know… medical decisions should not be made based on deductible year but let’s be honest… when it is this expensive, it is certainly part of the decision making process!

I am certainly sore and very thankful for the prescriptions meds.  Can’t believe I am saying that.  Oxycodone and Flexeril will apparently be my companions the next few months.  I am not excited about that and we will see how I do with taking them.  I am terrible – would rather just roll with the pain than feel mentally compromised by prescription meds.

Groggy.  Achy.  Fuzzy.  Excited to be in phase 2 of this multiphase plan of putting me back together.

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