Day 139: Sutures out… saline in… Happy Birthday?

Day 139: Sutures out… saline in… Happy Birthday?2015 June 30 Post Op Expansion

Wow… I am amazed at how quickly I heal.  Or how quickly the human body heals.  Life continues to go on around the craziness of treatments and reality of the diagnosis.  I turned 45 between these two post-op appointments.

Today was my second post-op and not only did I have my sutures removed, but I also received my first expansion.  Odd sensation without a doubt.  I swear I heard the saline entering the expander.  The doctor laughed and assured me that I would be having all kinds of new sensations and hearing all kinds of new sounds.

expanderOk, so how does this process work?  The expander has a port, which they use a magnetic device to find and then using a butterfly needle catheter, they inject a needle through the skin and pectoral muscle, through the port and then begin to expand with saline.  Today we added 100cc on each side.  It is bad if they miss…. you don’t want them to miss…

Best news of the day though… I got clearance from the doctor to shower and clearance to swim!  It has been unseasonably hot in the Pacific Northwest and not being able to shower has been miserable.  It is the little things.  🙂

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