Day 48: Itching for normal

Day 48: Itching for normal….

Oh today… this day… this day it feels like a thousand little ants are crawling around my chest under the bandages… the itching has truly begun.  Of course this is a good good thing. I keep telling myself.  The drainage amounts are much lower, which is great, and although I have spared you all actual images of what the drainage tubes look like, in this picture you can see my puffy abdomen, which is actually the JP Drainage bulbs tucked into my Softee Roo tank.  I actually went out in public like this today… to the grocery store!  **GASP**

The grocery store was mentally far more difficult than it was physically.  With the drains in place, I was constantly concerned about somebody bumping me… in fact, at times I felt like an actual target.  It definitely kept me on my toes… feeling a bit like a drowsy linebacker.

The weather was beautiful today, so I did enjoy some deck time, which is when mom snapped the photo above.  I feel fortunate to mend in such a lovely place.

In my off time, between naps and doses of meds, I have been reading a lot and watching documentaries about cancer.  These next decisions are critical and complicated ones.

In addition to educating myself as much as possible on treatment options, benefits, side effects, etc.  I am also working on my diet.   I truly have eaten mostly organic my whole life, but I have also eaten a lot meat and dairy.  The changes to my diet are forcing me to throw out everything I ever thought I knew about food.  My mom told me that it is stressful.  Sort of, basically you have to be able and willing to walk away from everything you thought you knew and embrace understanding what is alkalizing and what is acidifying.

Documentaries today:

  • Healing Cancer from the Inside Out (Amazon)
  • The Gerson Miracle (Netflix)
  • Forks over Knives (Netflix)

Book I am reading:

  • Radical Remissions

Recipe of the Day:

  • Sweet potato and black bean vegetarian chili

Something cool:

  • I have friends knitting me some new knockers for in-between surgery dates

We will be putting the chili on tomorrow morning.  I also will probably pay a little by way of pain for making it myself, but I was going a little stir crazy…

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4 thoughts on “Day 48: Itching for normal

  1. My friend MaryAnne, who often facilitates the Harmony Hill cancer retreats, recommends that you take a look at the Gerson Institute in San Diego. You’ve done so much fine research, I can’t believe you haven’t yet run across this alternative-care for cancer (, but in case you haven’t . . .

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    • Hi Linda! I have been researching Gerson and Hoxsey, both clinics in Mexico though. I’m leaning towards Hoxsey. So much good information out there!!


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