Day 60: 18 hours of sleep and a deadline…

Day 60: 18 hours of sleep and a deadline…

So… true story, I slept about 18 hours…  Woke up for breakfast and then slept until about dinner.  I never do that.  Talk about decadent.

I have definitely had pain since the aspiration of my surgical sites yesterday.  The good news is that I can tell that the tissue is adhering to the muscle wall better, however I am guessing that in a week or so I will have to have the right side aspirated one last time.

Gave myself a deadline of May 1 for a final decision on my treatment plan.  Gives me time to get second opinions and talk with the folks at the Hoxsey Clinic.  I like deadlines.

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5 thoughts on “Day 60: 18 hours of sleep and a deadline…

  1. Darlene Hildreth says:

    Tammy, I don’t recall ever reading about how you found out you had breast cancer. Was there a lump? Was it during a routine check-up?


    • Hi Darlene, I talk about that on Day 17. There was no palpable lump but physical changes. You’ve no idea how tempted I have been to post a picture – a post-operative nurse asked to see one, the changes were very subtle. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions.


      • Darlene Hildreth says:

        Thank you so much, Tammy! By changes, do you mean physical changes…inverted nipple, lumpy or weird look on the areola? I’m tempted to take a picture as well. Lol. I’ve had some weird changes and don’t have insurance. I’m wondering if my changes are normal…only changing in one of my boobs…the right one. Going to read day seventeen now. Thank you for this blog!!!!!!


      • Hi Darlene, my nipple did invert and I had some changes in the appearance of my skin that I try to explain in the blog post. I thought my changes could have been just age or weight loss related. If the appearance and changes are making you think then it is definitely worth getting checked out just to be sure. Keep me posted lady!


  2. Jeanette Lerner says:

    Darlene, Just because you don’t have insurance, don’t hesitate to go to the DR. There is an organization here in Shelton that can help you, please check it out.


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