Day 61: Data…

Day 61: Data…

So in addition to researching alternative treatments I am also looking at success rates of chemotherapy for breast cancer. Gotta admit, I am a wee bit less than enamored with what I am finding.

According to the table below and the report from the Royal College of Radiologists which this table comes from, we are talking about a 1.4% success rate for chemotherapy in breast cancer.  True this report is from 2004 – welcome to the cancer number data chaos game.  Much of the data is outdated.

According to the Komen Foundation, the 15 year survival rate for women under the age of 50 that is found to be lymph node positive has a 55% survival rate with chemotherapy and a 46% survival rate without chemotherapy.  More data here.

Now, I am not gonna deny that the 9% increase in survivability was not exactly exciting, especially considering all the side effects of chemotherapy, but a bestie who is former military pointed out: “It takes your survivability from minority to majority.  I took gear into fights that improved my survivability by 3%.  It’s all worth it.”

Point – counter point.  Might have just been bested by a bestie!  🙂  Valid point and worth seriously pondering.

Also heard from the folks at Hope4Cancer today, will follow up with them tomorrow.  Also decided I am getting well enough to figure out exercising again.  I miss the endorphin rush!



One thought on “Day 61: Data…

  1. Just something to think about: Their stats are based on getting chemo or not getting chemo. But if *you* don’t get chemo, you’re going to do something else. So it’s not chemo or nothing, it’s chemo or something less toxic to the rest of your body.

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