Day 63: Look good feel better, SCCA, fellow warriors and Danger Girl……

Danger GirlDay 63: Look good feel better, SCCA, fellow warriors and Danger Girl……

Attended a “Look Good Feel Better” session with my new friend and fellow warrior Danna.  The session was good, though odd in some ways.  It is interesting the focus on how important for women it is to not look sick or tired when I imagine you are feeling sick or tired.  I couldn’t help but wonder if men are given the same pep talk… but I digress.  Warning this post is feeling like it is going to do that a lot.  🙂

In addition to make-up tips, we talked wigs and the chill you get when you no longer have hair covering your head.  So there are night caps – you know like the illustrations in the old Charles Dickens books.  Who knew?   The modern versions are little less pointy.  We also talked about how to draw your eyebrows back on in a way that does not look drawn on and then my big BIG BIG concern… eyelashes.  Hey… don’t judge, they matter to me… maybe more than the Eye Seebreasts I used to have and my hair… actually… tough call… I have to think about that… I like my hair… well my previous hair more so… but ya know… see digressing again…

While having dinner with Danna (who patiently waited as I over analyzed the menu in search of something potentially pH diet friendly) I received the call from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance per my surgeons recommendation for a second opinion. Apparently a visit with them is a entire day endeavor… I show up at 11 and meet with an oncologist, radiologist and surgeon, then head to lunch and meet with everyone again after they get together for a team chat.  Apparently my day with them should end around 5pm.  Yipes!

A few days ago I set my decision date for treatment as May 1, well the soonest SCCA can see me is May 1st.  So.. I think I need to adjust the decision date to May 2nd.  Once I make a decision I need to talk with insurance about cost… it would seem that I am about to make a significant investment in myself… red an article that said typical cancer treatment runs around 300k… Geez… for that kind of money I better end up with a super power – seriously… at least ONE.

Speaking of super powers, a bestie nicknamed me Danger Girl a year or so ago, so of course in fun I had to send my photo to a designer and commission a Danger Girl character, in red, what else?  Today seems a good day to debut my alter ego publicly. In fact, it might be time to order a Danger Girl coffee mug and mouse pad.

And just so you know, those abs are totally based in reality!  Ok, maybe not… but the hair and eyelashes are…

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