Day 64: What is this… Shipping tape?

Day 64: What is this… Shipping tape?

Ok, so when I saw the surgeon at my last post-op appointment he said I could start taking the tape off the surgical sites.  But SERIOUSLY, this stuff is like the packing tape that has the extra strong cord running through it.  You know the type I’m talking about? The heavy duty stuff you would use on a heavy box full of books or something.

So I have 8 pieces of this stuff on each mastectomy site.  These sites are about 8 or 9 inches each side.  I have relatively dry skin (Am I oversharing?  Meh… this whole blog is about oversharing… if you made to to this post you’ve become immune to that fact already).  Thankfully, or so I thought, there were but 3 small pieces of said demon tape on my incision for the sentinel node biopsy.

Sometimes I really think it would be easier to just post a photo instead of trying to master descriptive writing, but then I think to myself… would the photo show up on hit piece political mailer in the 35th district if I ever ran for office again?  “Tammey Newton… Internet pornographer…”  What would my mother say!?

Anyway, back to the tape.

So I started with the three smaller pieces on the sentinel node incision area since they had already started to peel off, thinking this would be easy enough.  Oh holy heck – NO.  Not easy at all.  This stuff is like super string, meets tape, meets Gorilla Glue!  After I got the tape off, I was pulling strings out of adhesive goo and then there was the goo – which no soap I own or would want to use near a surgical site – would remove.  So after trying in vain to remove this stuff in the shower I finally give up.  Then I remembered, Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover removes most anything.  So I grab that… sure enough, eventually, that got the goo off.  But I tell ya the process made the incision site smart a bit.

I am dreading dealing with the 16 pieces of tape that are left.  Even with the Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover the goo would roll into balls that were impossible to get off my skin.

Seriously… duct tape ain’ got nothing on this tape…

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