Day 65: Did you have a vitamin injection?

Day 65: Did you have a vitamin injection?

So I met with the naturopathic oncologist for a little over two hours.  Met… Maybe interrogated is a better way to put it… As you all know I have been doing my research.

I was excited to talk with him about approaching treatment from this perspective, not just alternative but more preventative.  Since I am swimming in “ifs.”  He says, “You mean treat it as if surgery were a success and not as if surgery was a failure.”  

Why yes… That is what I mean!

Now this naturopathic oncologist works with my first medical oncologist.  I say first because I do have the SCCA consult coming up…

We talked about a number of things, such as breast cancer being attributed to two primary things, inflammation and high blood viscosity.  (Guess who has high blood viscosity?). 

We talked sleep and melatonin (I wrote a previous blogpost on the research of melatonin and Cancer.). 

We also talked about removing all EMF producing devices from the bedroom.  Now before you chuckle about that one, it’s worth a little research.

We talked about vitamin D.

We talked about baby aspirin, which is now next to the daily vitamins and I am taking it daily.  Not just for my high blood viscosity but because it’s been clinically proven to reduce recurrence by up to 60% and metastasis by up to 70% by causing apoptosis, acting as a systemic anti-inflammatory agent, inhibiting the growth of tumor blood vessels, and recent studies show that aspirin may slow down normal cells mutations.

We also talked about a number of other treatments and possibilities, including:

Iodoral, which is an iodine/potassium iodide supplement.  Interesting to note where we store iodine and how shortages affect the body.  

Iscador injections, which has been used in Germany since the 1920’s and has good clinical trial data to support the claim of doubling life expectancy for those who use it ongoing.

Laetrile (amygdalin) which is made from apricot seeds and clinically proven to reduce growth and spread of cancer cells and encourage apoptosis.

We also talked about green tea.

I had the question about estrogens.  Since my cancer is estrogen positive, conventional treatment recommends 5-7 years on an aromatase inhibitor, which has such terrible side effects the medical oncologist admitted very few people finish the recommended 5-7 years.  My question is – why not just remove my ovaries and supplement with a photo estrogen?  If I follow conventional treatment recommendations, my body will be kicked into a chemically induced and chemically sustained early menopause.  If the drugs are that terrible on the body and estrogen producing organs are to rendered useless anyway, why not remove them?  This isn’t conversation I will have with my surgeon and medical oncologist as well.  But back to the “other estrogens” – estrogen receptor positive cancers have a hunger for estrogen and a special estrogen receptor.  Apparently, the phytoestrogens can fill that receptor and block it from receiving estrogen created by the body.  I need to more research here, but already it has my mind spinning.  I had asked the naturopathic oncologist about red clover as I have read positive studies on red clover and cancer, interestingly it is also one of the best phytoestrogens for pre menopausal women – soy being a better option for post menopausal women.

Finally, we talked about exercise.  Which I am excited to get back into a routine with.

So, as I went to schedule my follow up with both the medical oncologist and the naturopathic oncologist that team at the front desk says to me. “WOW! Did you just have a vitamin injection? You are just GLOWING!”

I laughed and said, “Nope, this is what hope looks like.”

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